Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amazon.com + Schwan's = Grocery/Food Service

Just this morning my wife mentioned how the a fund raising promotion for the Manhattan High Rowing Club with Schwan's food (www.schwans.com) was beginning.  This led to a discussion of Schwan's and our perceptions of their use demographics, etc.

Suddenly it became clear to me.  If Amazon.com, a juggernaut of wharehouse efficiency and order fullfilment, truly wants to bring it to the grocery game they'd buy Schwan's.

So there you go Jeff Bezos.  Go buy them.  Take the lessons they've learned, their skilled staff, and the infrastructure they possess.  Combine it with your experience and might and suddenly you'll be serious about grocery delivery from online sales.  You'd acquire an already in place distribution system and facilities. 

Once owned, you could eventually consider adding the concept of the tiffin lunch delivery from India and additionally add lunch and dinner fulfillment.  Start with large metro areas with eventual tests in mid-level markets as well.

Current technology allows many avenues for daily prompts to customers for scheduling grocery resupply or meal orders for the following day.  Heck, soon your system will automatically receive orders based on my preferred on-hand refrigerator and pantry levels compared to current in-house inventory.

A slight tweak would allow you to include household necessities such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

I could go on and on mentioning such things as aging Boomer's or less people cooking traditional meals, but I'm sure you'll brainstorm those things.

So there you go. Schwan's: an Amazon.com company.

- Brian