Friday, January 17, 2014

Those Who Do vs Those Who Do Talking

I read yet another so-called social media marketer's three sentence blurb accompanying their link to someone elses article stating "Showing that you are listening to customers will make your customers and potential customers very loyal."

Close, but not quite there.

Actually listening to your customers is the key.  It's not wearing it on your sleeve that you should be attempting to do. You should put your energy into actually listening to your customers, and responding where it’s appropriate. Period.

Doing so you'll not only have a product that better fits the needs of your current and future customers, you'll also have happier customers.  If you walk it instead of focusing on showing it, and do something special, true, and honest, people will talk about you. They may, or may not, do the talking using your favorite buzzword social media outlet, but I guarantee they'll communicate in person with their industry cohorts at conferences and meetings, in emails, and on the phone if you’re authentically helping them achieve their goals.